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Heartland Tour aims to inspire action

Cyclists arrive back at the Pictou County Wellness Centre after taking part in a route with the Heartland Tour.
Cyclists arrive back at the Pictou County Wellness Centre after taking part in a route with the Heartland Tour. - Adam MacInnis

Canadians know better.

Jim Vance says a survey recently found that 82 per cent of Canadians know the benefits of being physically active, but only 18 per cent are putting that knowledge into practice.

“People know, but for all sorts of reasons they don’t do it.”

Often people will find barriers or excuses that keep them from exercising, but he said even going for a walk can greatly improve a person’s health.

For his own part, Vance got back into cycling after he was 60 as a way of staying physically fit and aimed to inspire others to do the same as he took part in the Pictou County side of The Heartland Tour which cycled through Pictou County on Wednesday, July 10. Events associated with the tour included a bicycle safety course for kids, a walk and bike routes for varying experience levels.

Organizers said this was the best attended Heartland Tour event in Pictou County to date with approximately 200 people taking part.

Dr. Carman Giacomantonio is vice chair of the Cardiac Cycling Society of Nova Scotia which runs the Heartland Tour. It was started by he and his brother as a way of encouraging people to live a more active life.

“The biggest thing is to promote the notion that activity decreases disease and prolongs life and quality of life,” he said. “The evidence is compelling.”

Studies have shown that 150 minutes of moderately vigorous activity a week can have a significant impact in reducing a person’s chance of developing a cardiovascular disease or cancer. It also provides a better recovery time for those who do face such illnesses.

This particular event was one of the best they’ve had in the history of the tour which is now in its 12th year.

“This was one of the best organized events we’ve had in this area,” he said. “It was well supported by the police and community. It was the best turnout we’ve had in Pictou County ever.”

Marcia Corbin said she enjoys walking at her home in the country but said she also likes taking part in the organized event.

“We really enjoy being out with other people,” she said.

Her son Tony and grandson Peter were taking part in the biking as well as helping teach some safety tips to youth making it a true family affair for them.

Tony Corbin said what he particularly enjoys is getting together with others who are interested in physical fitness whether it’s cyclists, Y members or runners, he said.

“I think we all have the same goal for fitness, involvement and having fun.”

Peter Corbin has a shirt from the 2007 Heartland tour which testifies to how long he’s been taking part in the event.

He said he loves the atmosphere.

“There are lots of people who come out here to enjoy a group bike ride and enjoy the scenery going through Lyons Brook and what not. It’s beautiful.”

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