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Increased patrols at Pictou construction site see charges laid

The Town of Pictou’s new water treatment plant is attracting more than just construction workers.

Pictou County RCMP said Monday that at the request of town council it has been keeping a closer eye on the Wellington Street construction site, which has resulted in charges being laid.

Cpl. Greg Deagle told councillors that RCMP has laid charges under the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act, Criminal Code, Motor Vehicle Act as well as drug charges as a result of their enhanced patrols at the site.

The new water treatment plant is located behind McCulloch Education Centre on Welsford Street. An access road has always been there to trails behind the school but traffic has stepped up in recent months with the construction.

Town staff said once the water treatment plant is completed it will be surrounded by a permanent fence and a security system will put inside the building. The town is asking people to stay away from the site because it is a construction zone with heavy equipment in the area.

Meanwhile, construction on the new building is continuing on budget and on schedule, says Kyle Slaunwhite, project manager for the Town of Pictou. Treatment tanks have recently arrived at the site and plumbing and mechanical work is taking place. He said work on the exterior of the building will continue in the next few weeks as well.

The town’s $5 million water treatment will take care of high manganese and iron levels as well as low water pressure. It is the second of a two-phase upgrade.

Pictou’s existing water distribution system draws directly from groundwater wells that contain high levels of naturally occurring iron and manganese. Due to low water pressure of the town’s distribution system and the reaction of iron and manganese with chlorine disinfectants, these contaminants have settled and accumulated in the distribution pipes. The project is expected to significantly improve the treatment and distribution of drinking water for Pictou residents and businesses.

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