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Jubilee weekend busy for some businesses, not so much for others

NEW GLASGOW – There’s no doubt the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee brings a lot of people into town and certainly those people spend money in a lot of different places.

Already local hotels say they are expecting to be at or near capacity this weekend. Bars too can expect to see an increase in customers as will some late night pizza places.

For other businesses, though, it can be hit and miss.

BaKED Café co-owner Stephanie Cooper said she expects with the increase in foot traffic that they will be busy during the festival.

“We’re excited. This is a great time of year and we’re looking forward to a busy vibe,” Cooper said.

Cheryl West, manager of the Tara Inn, said they are expecting all 33 rooms to be filled for the festival.

“We always do,” she said. “We have a full house already for Friday or Saturday.”

She said long weekends can sometimes be hit or miss, but festivals like this help places like theirs stay busy.

“It’s great because we fill up and it’s a long weekend.”

A Comfort Inn employee said they are expecting to be sold out Saturday night as well.

Holiday Inn Express general manager Mark Hosking said they are on par for their Friday room bookings and a little up for Saturday with just a few rooms left. Sunday looks a little slower.

He said it’s clear the Jubilee does have some impact on helping business.

“It’s always important,” he said. “It’s not just about us. It’s about the whole community.”

He said people want to visit places that are vibrant and have a lot of events. He said Pictou County does a great job of offering a lot throughout the year to bring people here.

Not all downtown businesses see a huge increase, however.

Café Italia manager Shara Lank said the Jubilee isn’t an overly busy weekend for them.

“We don’t really need to roll with extra staff,” she said.

In fact, she said the Race on the River dragon boat festival last weekend is traditionally their busiest time of year. They make pizzas at cost during the Race on the River to help Summer Street Industries raise money.

Last year, they did open on Sunday for the Jubilee weekend and had a good success with that, so are planning to do that again this year.

“I think it’s a good Sunday for us,” she said. “But I don’t find the weekend busy.”

At Greco Pizza, manager Christina Fraser, said it’s a typical weekend for them.

“Nobody likes to cross the bridge,” she said.

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