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Lifelong dream for local man: going to Price Is Right

PICTOU – “Colin Bonaparte, come on down!”

Colin Bonaparte’s dreams are coming true later this month when he heads to Dartmouth for The Price Is Right Live. The 34-year-old Pictou man has been watching the show all his life, and is hoping for the chance at a showcase – preferably one containing a car. AMANDA JESS – THE NEWS

Those are the words a Pictou man is hoping to hear when he goes to Dartmouth later this month for The Price Is Right Live, fulfilling his lifelong dream. 

“I would be excited, jumping up and down,” the 34-year-old said during an interview.

Before Colin started work at the Maritime Odd Fellows Home 15 years ago as part of employment services from Summer Street Industries – a New Glasgow organization that provides programs for adults with intellectual disabilities – he made a point of being home to watch The Price Is Right each day. Now he watches it every second Thursday and Friday – days he gets off from working every second weekend.

His friends are well aware of his love of the show, he said.

“When I was talking to people (and I told them) that I’m going to Price Is Right at bingo, someone told me, ‘you’re going? So am I.’”

He has lots of friends who will be waiting to hear if he got called down at the Dartmouth Sportsplex show on March 27.

“He’s got a bigger social life than my husband and I do,” his mother Sylvia said.

Colin was once named Volunteer of the Year for the Town of Pictou, and has also been selected for Volunteer of the Week for CKEC Radio before.

He’s been involved with a number of community organizations over the years, and is currently active with the Royal Canadian Legion, the Knights of Columbus and programs through his church – Stella Maris Church.

He’s so well known, in fact, that when he won a backstage pass to the Pictou Lobster Carnival and a ride through town in Matt Minglewood’s limo, more people waved at Colin than at Matt, his mother remembers.

Colin loves games of chance, and winning; he often buys tickets for all kinds of draws, and never misses a game of bingo.

“Over the years, we said we would take him and all that, but life happens. We never did make it,” Sylvia said.

His sister, Amanda, had promised him that when she graduated from nursing at St. Francis Xavier University and worked for two years, she would take him to the show in California.

When his brother and sister found out about the Dartmouth show, they immediately got tickets, and planned to tell him later that night – on a Monday before bingo.

His brother, Bradley, asked him what he’d most like to do in his life.

“You said – I can just see you now – ‘Well, I’d love to go to Price Is Right, but that’s not what it is,’” Sylvia said. “And they both said, ‘you’re going to Price Is Right.’ I was more excited than he was at the time. I think he was in shock. Because, all of a sudden, he put on his jacket and went out (to bingo), and now it’s all he talks about. Every day, that’s all he talks about. ‘How many more days, mom? How many more days?’”

He most wants the chance at a showcase, specifically a car, with the hopes of getting his beginner’s licence if he were to win.

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