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Local student chosen for entrepreneurial program

Scott Young hopes that his summer of 2016 will keep him extremely busy.

The 19-year-old Bridgeville native, a first-year science student at Dalhousie University, was accepted into the Student Works Painting program, a for-profit company that finds, trains and grooms young entrepreneurs.

“They recruit university and college students and help them start their own business,” said Young, who studies physics, chemistry with a minor in mathematics at Dalhousie.

Young will head a business that will employ between 10-15 students next summer, doing exterior and exterior painting on houses and buildings in his native Pictou County.

“Right now, I’m trying to get as much marketing done back home as I can,” said Young, who explained that the marketing aspects of the business is a huge component of the operation. Of those employees, about half of them will be involved in marketing the painting business.

He travelled to Ottawa in January for some training on both the business and marketing side and will actually get to have some training in the actual meat and potatoes of the work itself: painting as the professionals do it.

That will take place in the spring, he said

“I’ve gone through a lot of training so far,” he said.

Anyone who might be interested in being part of Young’s summer business can call him at (902) 759-9811 for further information.

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