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Local students recognized for work toward better world

Students at Thorburn are changing the world.

Megan James, left, and Eliza Snell were part of a group from Thorburn Consolidated School who got to attend We Day recently in Halifax. The event included inspirational speakers and 8,000 students from across the Atlantic provinces. ADAM MACINNIS – THE NEWS

They have helped support the construction of a school and provide clean water in Africa. They’ve given money to the IWK hospital, Kids’ Help Phone, Pictou County Early Intervention and other charities here in Pictou County and beyond.

At Christmas they’ve helped buy gifts for a family that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it and they’ve given food to the food bank.

In the last 14 months, they’ve raised almost $4,000 with a program called Change for Change. How it works is that students all collect money into buckets which is then divided to support charities.

For their work they were recognized among schools and students doing something for the betterment of the world at the second annual We Day which was held in Halifax recently.

“It was really inspirational,” Grade 8 student Eliza Snell said. “It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.”

Megan James, another Grade 8 student, also enjoyed getting to go.

“I found that people were more excited this year because everyone kind of found out what it was about,” she said. “Everyone is inspired to do something in the community to find a way to change the world.”

Because of the work they’re already doing, the students from Thorburn were honoured at the event. Special seats were set aside for them and they were given VIP treatment.

All the speakers were good, but James said for her one of the most inspirational was a young boy named Parker who had cancer.

“It made me tear up a little,” she said.

Snell said she was touched by the story of a person who had survived being shot.

The students plan to support the Change for Change program and, thanks to We Day, may have some new ideas for changing their world.

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