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Lower rent attracting interest in Albion Business Park in Stellarton

Since Stellarton town council lowered the price per square foot of property in the Albion Business Park at the suggestion of an appraisal, there has been growing interest from potential renters.

“Since we dropped the pricing for the business park, there are people who may be interested in purchasing property there,” said Mayor Danny MacGillivray at this week’s council meeting.

At the previous meeting, two other letters of intent from interested businesses were signed and approved.

As of Monday, MacGillivray and the town clerk have signed a total of four letters of intent relating to business space within the Business Park.
“We’re encouraged by this. It’s a long way before something might actually happen, but we’re encouraged by the movement, anyway,” said the mayor.

At council’s Monday meeting, the two most recent letters of intent were improved. The letters were for lot 63X and a portion of lot 67B in the business park.



Town engineer Blaine Murray provided council a number of updates on work going on around town at Monday’s meeting. Murray said that as of the end of October, a new generator was ordered for the town hall building.

The anticipated delivery of the unit is expected sometime in early 2018. Murray said that public works had to install a transfer switch in the building – something that required renovation to enlarge the room in which the generator will be installed.

Murray also reported that the town’s dig at a site near the Albion Trail yielded no evidence of a mineshaft. The town conducted a dig in an area near the trail, after geotechnical tests were performed in other areas, showing that some of the land around the trail was prone to sink holes.
“There was some documentation that pointed to there being a mineshaft in the area, so we did our due diligence,” said Murray in a call with The News. “We checked to see if there was any evidence of anything there – and there wasn’t.”
Murray told council that a fence tender for areas that need to be fenced off along the trail is forthcoming.

Public works has also started working on restoring walkways to dressing rooms at the Stellarton rink, Murray reported, adding that sections of old flooring have been used to replace walkways leading to rooms 5 and 6.


Street paving

Murray reported that street paving has been completed on Acadia Avenue. He stated that public works is waiting for the new curbs to be installed on Pleasant Street before paving can be done. Murray told council he anticipates paving to begin on Pleasant Street early next week.

Murray said the sidewalks on the west side of Stellar Street are complete, but public works will be waiting until 2018 before they remove and replace the sidewalk on the east side. Paving for Hudson Street and Cambey Avenue have been deferred until next year.


Doug MacKenzie announced his retirement from his position with the Town of Stellarton public works department, in a letter addressed to council. MacKenzie’s retirement was effective as of Nov. 10.
“Thank you to Doug MacKenzie for all his hard work over the years,” said Mayor MacGillivray. “He’s been with the town for a very long time – since I was a kid. He’s done a lot of good work for the town.”


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