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Man gets federal time for multiple thefts

Court news
Court news

PICTOU – A New Glasgow man has been sentenced to federal jail for multiple theft offences.

Elvin Scott Landry, 55, pleaded guilty to four counts of theft, assault and failure to appear in court in relation to incidents at local retail stores over a span of a few months in 2017.

Both the Crown and defence agreed that two years plus a day in prison would be a just sentence for Landry considering the circumstances of the offences.

The thefts of merchandise range from two bottles of alcohol to $801.25 in groceries and $554.43 in clothing.

Judge Del Atwood said Landry showed no signs of pre-meditation and was not violent during the offences other than pushing a security officer as he tried to take a shopping cart full of goods out of a store.

He said based on the evidence presented it is clear that Landry was motivated by need. Atwood said a pre-sentence report shows Landry had a chaotic upbringing, early drug dependency and has experienced financial destitution.

Atwood accepted the joint recommendation and Landry was sentenced to two years plus a day which means he will be spending his days in federal prison.

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