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Meet Hockey Canada’s newest ambassador

Ava Foote will named a Hockey Canada ambassador on March 2.
Ava Foote has been named a Hockey Canada ambassador.

The young Subway Selects player in the No. 10 jersey happily zips across the ice chasing the puck on match day, no different from any of her green-clad team mates.

But that jersey’s owner is Ava Foote, Hockey Canada’s newest ambassador as of Friday evening.

She received her honour months after losing part of her right hand in a household accident last June, resulting in many months of surgery and treatments in Halifax before she could return to the ice.

When asked how she felt about her new ambassadorship, Ava’s answer was simple.


“They sky’s really the limit, I’ve told her so many times but she’s a go-getter and her attitude is so great and it’s so inspiring,” said her mother Angela Foote.

One person inspired by Ava’s journey is Olympic athlete Jill Saulnier, who played on Team Canada alongside local star Blayre Turnbull in Korea.

“This little girl is absolutely amazing. She’s my rock star now and my hero for sure,” said Saulnier.

Ava’s journey back to the ice was a long one. Her hand injury resulted in three major surgeries and a lengthy stay at the IWK in Halifax.

The last time Ava met with her surgeons, after a long healing process, she was told there were “no restrictions or limitations,” on what she could achieve.

Helping her return on ice is a specially-designed glove courtesy of Hockey Canada.

And her Friday game against the Trenton Steelers is likely just the start.

A number of NHL players have enjoyed huge success despite injuries or disabilities.

Player Jim Kyte tallied 66 points and 1,342 penalty minutes playing for the Jets, Penguins, Flames, Senators and Sharks, all while having a degenerative hearing condition.

He was the first player to wear a hearing aid on ice underneath a specially designed helmet.

Ava had her own message for other injured hockey players keen to return to the ice.

“Do it,” she said.

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