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Mike ‘Bubbles’ Smith unsuccessful in contest bid for space flight


NEW GLASGOW – Mike Smith will not be going to space.

The Thorburn native and comedy actor was selected as one of the local finalists in Metro World News’ Race for Space contest, but the seat on the first-generation rocket-powered space plane was awarded to Justin Dowd of the Worcester, Mass.

“A massive thank you to every single person who voted for me,” Smith posted on the Trailer Park Boys Facebook page. “It would’ve been amazing but I’m definitely not giving up. There are some other avenues to try. Anybody know Sir Richard Branson from Virgin Galactic by chance?”

Smith, who is otherwise known as Bubbles from the hit comedy series, The Trailer Park Boys, won the local portion of the contest through online votes. All of the local finalists were then judged by a panel of experts.

Twenty-two-year-old Dowd is a physics and math undergraduate at Boston’s Northeastern University and wowed the judges panel with his “stunning” chalkboard stop motion video on Einstein’s theory of relativity. He will travel to space in 2014 after he completes his astronaut training.

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