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MLA demands better treatment for injured workers

Pictou Centre MLA Pat Dunn called on the Workers’ Compensation Board to get its act together in assisting those who suffer injuries on the job.

Dunn introduced an amendment to the Workers’ Compensation Tuesday to enforce accountability. The Progressive Conservatives say the system has not been reviewed in 22 years.

“The amendment is miniscule, but to lots of people it’s life-changing,” said Dunn in a release Tuesday. “Every time I meet with a constituent that has been denied workers’ compensation, but has the medical documentation that proves his or her injury occurred while on the job, I’m annoyed and disturbed.”

In 2002, there was a partial review of the workers’ compensation system, but the PCs say none of those recommendations have been implemented.

Joining the PCs in their demands for greater transparency is the Pictou County Injured Workers Association, which has advocated and helped people with work-related injuries for decades.

Association president Mary Lloyd said the PCs’ bill would force the WCB to show more accountability, adding that, “right now there’s none.”

“The whole system is fraught with negative impacts on the injured worker. It’s disgraceful that an injured worker who has been diagnosed by a qualified medical professional gets overturned by people who have no qualifications,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd said that her association had requested a meeting with Minister of Labour Labi Kousoulis, but was turned down.

However, Dunn also called on Premier Stephen McNeil to take action, saying his government “owes it to injured workers to pass this bill.”

“If they’re acting in good faith then they have nothing to worry about,” said Dunn.

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