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New Glasgow partners with Sobey School of Business in launch of Start Up 100

The Sobey School of Business Development Centre at Saint Mary’s University is partnering with the Town of New Glasgow along with other communities in Nova Scotia to launch a special new program called The Startup 100. 

This program is designed to assist students in launching and supporting the growth of their own venture and will empower 100 potential entrepreneurs with skills that will position them for success.

“We congratulate the Sobey School of Business and Saint Mary’s University on this exciting and progressive new program designed to encourage young entrepreneurs and to help youth and younger adults build their professional, business and leadership skills and to acquire the tools which will enable them to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality,” says New Glasgow Mayor Barrie MacMillan. “New Glasgow and Pictou County have a strong entrepreneurial legacy and a history of being home to many successful entrepreneurs. We see great potential in our community for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to spread their wings and enter into business ventures. New Glasgow is very pleased to endorse and promote the new program to our region.”

Students who sign up for this program will be given the opportunity to start their own businesses, as well as gain mentorship from leaders in their community; network with 99 other youth from all across the province; learn from well-established university curriculum and tools; take part in a flagship program to put on your resume, experience personal growth, leadership, business skill advancement, entrepreneurship and leadership

In order to be eligible for the program candidates must:

  • Be a student, or intend to enrol
  • Be 15-35 years of age* special circumstances may be accepted
  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia for six consecutive months prior to applying

“We are reaching out to our community partners to inform interested youth about this exciting opportunity,” says Geralyn MacDonald, New Glasgow’s Director of Community Economic Development. “Our goal is to make sure interested students are aware of this new opportunity whether they are in school, community college or university. We want this program to be at the forefront, not only for our youth but also for those who teach them and guide them.  Often a teacher or business owner can easily spot the talents of a natural entrepreneur.”

Frank MacFarlane, Business Development Officer for the Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of the County of Pictou, is also pleased to see this new level of support for young entrepreneurs. “This is perfect timing for such a program,” adds MacFarlane. “Nova Scotia is in need of more entrepreneurs and there are plenty of talented youth with much to offer the local economy. It is a global market place and many career choices can happen just about anywhere. Pictou County provides a great lifestyle and also offers many business advantages.”

“We are eager to hear from students who meet these criteria and are interested in the program. There is a whole new generation of entrepreneurs awaiting opportunities and we are looking forward to their ideas and contributions,” says Jared Perry of the Sobey School of Business Development Centre.

To register for the Startup 100, simply follow the steps in the link below:

For any questions or comments, please contact Jared at (902) 491-6514, or by email at

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