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New Glasgow unveils new community identity signs on 104

Visitors to New Glasgow will be welcomed by a new sign.

New Glasgow unveils new community identity signs on 104

New Glasgow Mayor Barrie MacMillan announced Tuesday that the Town of New Glasgow will have a new community identity sign that is now erected on the Trans-Canada Highway 104, eastbound lanes, near Exit 20.

An existing sign east of Exit 26 for westbound approaching the town is also being refurbished to reflect the new sign design for New Glasgow and will be installed early in the New Year.

“We are very pleased with this new sign design as it is a professional and vibrant representation of our community,” MacMillan said. “New Glasgow is a dynamic, progressive place to live, do business and visit and our new sign conveys this message.”

The New Glasgow highway signs promote exits 23 and 25 which is supportive of New Glasgow’s partnership with the Municipality of the County of Pictou and the East River Business Park project.

“We know that you need to elicit a quick emotional response with these types of signs, because the viewer is passing by rapidly and only has a few seconds of viewing time,” explains Adam MacKenzie, president and creative director of the Halifax-based Sperry Design Company, who created New Glasgow’s new highway sign design with Dave Campbell, senior brand design consultant with Sperry. “Therefore, we designed the sign with a dynamic vanishing point from the river, which lands on the centre of the ‘Flourish’ brand mark. It pulls you in. It’s welcoming and inviting. We worked with town officials to understand the essence of New Glasgow and we used the following elements to help us achieve this communication objective. Warmth was achieved through the colour selection; commerce represented by the building skyline; arts through Glasgow Square Theatre; recreation and quality of life with the river, trails and marina. Together these elements instantly tell the story of New Glasgow.”

Community identity signage is managed by the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.  The provincial department works with communities to produce the signage according to provincial highway safety guidelines and manages the fabrication and installation services. The manufacturing of the two signs, installation of the new sign and posts, sign design and refurbishing of the second sign cost approximately $16,000. 

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