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New Glasgow woman wins car in Tim Hortons contest

NEW GLASGOW – Next time Michelle Bonvie goes to Tim Hortons, she can go through the drive-thru in her new Corolla.

New Glasgow resident Michelle Bonvie will be the lucky new owner of a Toyota Corolla after rolling up the rim to a win on Monday. SUBMITTED 

The New Glasgow woman rolled up the rim of her Monday morning tea to reveal that she had won a car.

“It was just kind of surreal,” she said.

Everything lined up perfectly for Bonvie.

Before heading to work for the Victorian Order of Nurses, Bonvie stopped at the Tim Hortons location at the Esso gas station in Blue Acres around 10:20 a.m.

Although the East River Road location is closer to her job, she chose the one in Blue Acres simply because it allowed her to make fewer left turns.

There was a big lineup when she got there, and she thought about leaving.

 “It was 10:17. I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to be late.’ Maybe I should go somewhere else.”

However, a red car came in behind her, locking her in place.

She ordered her medium tea, and took it to her meeting.

Bonvie checked after her meeting was over, rolling up the first rim and winning the chance to play again.

As she started to roll up the second rim, she saw the word “win,” and got a little excited. 

When she saw the word “Corolla,” she didn’t know what to think. She didn’t believe it at first.

She passed it around to other nurses at work, asking, “Does this mean I won?”

Her colleagues started jumping up and down, screaming.

After it finally started to sink in, she took a photo of the cup and made some calls to family.

She also called Tim Hortons and got that process moving.

Bonvie has to fill out preliminary paperwork and send her cup tab to the company to prove her win.

It could take up to eight weeks.

 “I imagine it’ll feel real when I have the car in my possession.”

The funny thing is, she said, she had joked about winning the car on Sunday.

“I didn’t win today, but I’ll win the car tomorrow,” she said to a friend after buying a cup.

The trip had been part of her ordinary routine. 

“I go for Tim Hortons a couple of times a day,” she said.

She always buys teas during Roll Up The Rim, and has won a few free beverages, and snacks.

“It never entered my mind,” she said about the possibility of winning the car.

It was the talk of the office for the rest of the afternoon, as well as Tuesday morning.

She had some people approach her while she was out for lunch at the Dine & Dash Diner in Trenton, recognizing her face after word had gotten out.

So far, she plans to keep the car.

“It never hurts to have a second car,” she said. 

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