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News website undergoing growing pains


Yes, there is a bit of clutter.

And some things are a bit wonky.

And some things are a bit wonky.

This is only because our website is undergoing a major renovation right now. Think of it like your car being put into the shop and fitted with all new mechanics from bumper to bumper.

So please have patience while the work is being done, as we expect some dropped hammers and head-scratching over the next couple of weeks.

Now back to the new engine and transmission, which we are already starting up.

If you take a look at this site on your mobile device – from a smart-phone to tablet – you’ll notice a remarkable different experience from what we used to offer. The responsive design allows for our news site to adjust to fit whatever screen you’re using.

Load times, including how fast we are able to post words and images and video, are improving and so is the time it takes for you to see each page.

We believe in local stories and community news. This investment is a reflection of that commitment, as we reach more readers than we ever could have imagined, even five years ago.

But we know those many readers are also accessing us differently – not only through the trusted newspaper that appears on their doorstep or newsstand, but also in the virtual vault inside their mobile devices.

By the way, we think we look stunning on a desktop computer.

Some changes will be obvious. Some will be more subtle, as we switch to a content delivery system that is at the forefront of digital news.

What we think you will notice, once we’re out of the shop fully and able to really open it up, are some cool new features that will allow us to visually tell stories in a whole new way.

New options in the interaction between words and visuals are now available to our journalists.

But a large switch like this takes some time, as we tweak that engine or debate paint choices.

We want to hear your feedback, and appreciate you wading in. But please understand that there will be some things that look odd right now and sections that you are used to that we’ve rearranged. A major rebuild doesn’t happen overnight.

This is your site, and we believe you’ll be happy with the extra horsepower and more comfortable seats.

Many of you have been with us for years, so we promise you’ll enjoy the ride we have planned together.


Thane Burnett

Content Director – Atlantic Canada

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