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Northern Pulp within emission limits for most recent period of testing

Northern Pulp has been fined for exceeding the amount of particulate matter allowed from its power boiler.
Northern Pulp – FILE PHOTO

Northern Pulp’s most recent stack testing results show that the company was well within their emission limits for its power boiler for the three-month period ending in September 2017.

The company had 48 per cent of the limit permitted under its industrial approval for the time period for the power boiler.

This result comes after exceeding the limit in the previous testing with 149 per cent of the amount of particulate permitted.

Northern Pulp general manager Bruce Chapman said the improvements have come from three areas – fuel management, power boiler grate operational changes and scrubber operation.

“We are encouraged by the improved results and we continue to study the power boiler to look for more areas for improvement,” he stated.

Testing results dating back to July 2015 can be found at

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