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Pictou council approves equipment purchase

PICTOU – The Town of Pictou is updating its heavy equipment inventory.

Council approved a recommendation for council Monday that will allow town staff to purchase a new Freightliner salt truck from Nova Enterprises at the cost of $150,000.

The tender was lower than what the town had originally budgeted for the truck. It is being purchased without a blade since the town has two blades in stock it can repurpose.

The delivery of the new truck is not expected for 18 weeks but town staff is going to speak with the sales department to see if that can be shortened.

It will also be purchasing a 2012 Ford F150 as a service truck. The town’s public works department said it currently has two older vehicles that won’t pass an upcoming inspection so a new vehicle is warranted.

The Ford F150 has an eight-foot box, two wheel drive and 65,000 km. It is being purchased for $15,959.


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