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Pictou plans outdoor rink at ball field

There is a new outdoor rink in the Town of Pictou’s ball field.
There is a new outdoor rink in the Town of Pictou’s ball field. - Sueann Musick


The Town of Pictou’s ball field will soon be transformed into a skating rink – again.

Michelle Young of the Town of Pictou’s recreation department said during Monday’s committee of the whole meeting that a temporary rink has been in place at the ball field for the winter months.

“There were a lot of expressions of interest from local residents who were reflecting on the town having an outdoor rink years ago,” she said. “They were asking, can we get the rink back, so we said, let’s give it a try.”

The town purchased the temporary rink kit, which was put in place last week. Friday’s windstorm wreaked some havoc on the tarp but it was put back together in a short period of time.

It is expected that the fire department will fill it with water this week and people can begin skating as soon as it freezes.

The outdoor rink will be maintained with the support of the community and town staff, she said. Hours are posted on the nearby building for both public skating and pick up hockey. People are also welcome to pick up a shovel anytime and help clear snow off the surface.

Young said the town’s winter carnival will also host activities on the new ice surface. It will take place Feb. 9-11 at various locations within the town.

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