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Pictou putting new heat system in waste-water plant

PICTOU – Town council is allowing JC Mechanical to install a new heating and air exchange system for Pictou’s waste-water plant.

Town staff recommended Monday that council accept the bid of $119,000 to replace the existing heating and venting system that need to be redesigned to function properly. The town had originally budgeted the cost of the new system to come in at close to $90,000.

Council was told the bid came in higher than anticipated, but once it is accepted, staff can work with the company to reduce the cost by making changes to the order.

The town recently reached a settlement agreement over the buildings heating and ventilation system with three different companies over design issues this past summer.

The original system wasn’t properly ventilated in the past so it was causing some heating issues at the wastewater plant, making it uncomfortable for workers in the building.

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