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Pictou water conservation order still in effect

Situation might not be completely resolved until mid-August


Take 'er easy on the water in Pictou.

The water conservation order issues by the town in early August is still in effect, Mayor Jim Ryan said on Aug. 10.

“We are maintaining our levels at this point,” her said, but added that it could take another 10-12 days “before everything is back to normal.”

On. Aug. 1, the town issued the order to address current shortages within the Town’s water distribution system. Residents and water utility customers were asked for their cooperation until further notice, by only using water when necessary.

The Mayor said that Nova Scotia Power is expected to do some work Aug. 12 and Aug. 13 to help ensure that a new well is on-line, which has been part of the problem.

“We’ve had a delay in getting the new well on-line,” he said.

Water waste is not permitted to ensure sufficient water is available for emergency services. Anyone found watering lawns/flowers, washing cars, filling swimming pools or any other activity deemed to be non-essential will have their water service suspended. Larger commercial consumers will be notified directly of the order.

Ryan said that as far as he knows, no one has had their water cut off due to mis-use since the conservation order went into effect.

“The residents have been very cooperative,” he added.

Ryan said that numerous leaks have been discovered in the underground piping system. “When you have infrastructure in the ground that’s more than a hundred years old, you’ll have issues.”

The order gave the Town the ability to ensure conservation measures are observed and enforced where necessary.

Should anyone notice an unusual accumulation of water, notify the Town Office at 902-485-4372.

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