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‘Snowmobiling is a family sport’: A successful rally for the Pictou County Snowriders Snowmobile club on Saturday

The Pictou County Snowriders Snowmobile Club hosted a rally on Saturday and the turnout

There was a strong turnout on the trails on Saturday for the Pictou County Snowriders Snowmobile Club’s rally.

More than 60 people showed up to hit the 100-kilometer trail outlined for the day’s event 

"That's not actually too far on a snowmobile,” said the club treasurer Jill Gratto.

She and a handful of others were inside the new clubhouse at 994 Brookville Road. Sure enough, a map on the wall of an immense network of trails running all the way to Moncton or Cape Breton shows just how far enthusiasts can take their rides from this one out of the way spot in Pictou County.

Individuals and families had been arriving since 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning to register for the day’s event.

“Snowmobiling is a family sport and that’s what we’re trying to promote,” said Gratto.

Registration fees all go to the club which has its own certified fuel station and two groomers which maintain the club’s portion of this immense backwoods trail system.

“We’ve also got heating stations all along the trails,” said John Charlton, clubhouse fundraising chair pointing to the map where the heating stations are clearly marked. “They’re like baby barns with wood stoves and kindling so you can come along and start a fire, get warmed up and then go from there.”

Saturday’s rally was an excellent opportunity for snowriders club members, as well as other snowmobile clubs in Pictou county and Antigonish to come out and enjoy the winter months. But club encourages the use of the trails year-round.

The next rally is scheduled for Feb. 17.

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