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Students back to school Thursday

['Workers install new windows at Dr. W. A. MacLeod School in Riverton on Wednesday. A letter penned by School Advisory Committee Chair Gina Fagan to CCRSB Chair Trudy Thompson and read at Westville town council on Monday criticized the board’s management of the school’s renovation timeline, budget and priorities. JOHN BRANNEN – THE NEWS']
Students of Dr. W.A. MacLeod will return to class Thursday. Structural repairs to the building are complete and it is business as usual Thursday for students returning for the 2018-2019 school year. FILE PHOTO

The majority of students with the Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education will be back to class Thursday, including those at Dr. W.A. MacLeod.

School's in Thursday for students in Pictou County.

Thousands of children are expected to officially call an end to summer Thursday when the 2018-2019 school year starts.

The CCRCE said repairs needed at Dr. W.A. MacLeod have been complete and the school will open Thursday along with many others in the zone. Students who normally attended Frank H. MacDonald School will start the school year at East Pictou Middle School while repairs are done to Frank H. MacDonald.

In August, a CCRCE spokeswoman said during the major renovations project at Frank H MacDonald school , it was discovered the exterior wall system is not braced to the building structure on the second floor and roof level.  During a severe weather event, the wall integrity may be comprised.  The work will include anchoring the concrete masonry exterior walls to the steel structure of the building.   The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and Renewal are managing the renovations.
Similarly, at Dr.  WA MacLeod a structural issue with the wall  system was discovered. Further investigation revealed that the interior concrete block wall also is not braced sufficiently to the building structure on the second floor and roof level.   Repairs included adding additional anchors from the concrete wall to the building’s steel structural components. 

Oxford Regional Education Centre students will start at Cyrus Eaton Elementary & Pugwash District High on Friday and Tatamagouche Regional Academy, which was just built by the province,  will start school on Friday as well. 

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