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Town of Stellarton approves community garden project

STELLARTON – Pending the approval of G.R. Saunders Elementary School, the Town of Stellarton will have a community garden.

The garden will be on a piece of town land in the area near the school, which is why town council asked to receive an OK from the school before their decision would be final to approve the creation of the community garden.

According to the town’s recreation director, Paul Corbin, the land is currently gravel and would therefore need boxes to be built for the garden, but that is what the group hopes to undertake.

Sueann Cassidy and Steve Murphy were present at the council meeting on Monday and spoke about their willingness to make the project possible. Murphy said their primary goal of creating the community garden was to foster a sense of community and second to partner with the school to give the students a way to learn about the benefits of gardening. Murphy also estimated the space was approximately 120 by 40 feet of usable area.

Corbin said the school is on board, but council still wished to receive a final approval before their decision would become final.

In their initial setup the group was simply looking for the land and anything the town could give. When looking at the cost of the products needed, Corbin estimated it will cost $600 to get everything the group needs.

Although the growing season is underway the group still wants to get underway this year and plant whatever they can. Their hope is to start as soon as possible, pending the final go-ahead from the town.

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