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Traffic Calming measures for Veterans Drive in Pictou

Veterans Drive, Pictou
Veterans Drive, Pictou - FILE

The barriers on Veterans Drive could soon be coming down.

After some back-and-forth discussion between Pictou town councilors on Monday, Jan. 7, a plan was put forward which councillors hope will signal the end traffic woes in the area.

The plan is to introduce traffic calming measures.

To be clear, traffic calming measures are not hard rules. Instead they are more like suggestions and reminders designed for signaling to drivers to slow down. A good example of the difference is in the difference between yellow and white signs:

A white sign showing a 50-kilometer speed limit is a rule which carries a penalty if broken.

A yellow sign is a recommendation which the driver is encouraged to heed, both for their safety and the safety of those around them.

The three traffic calming measures that council is looking into are:

  • Yellow street signs posting a recommended speed of 30 kilometres perhour
  • Green signs at both ends of Veterans Drive reminding drivers that the area is a traffic calm neighborhood
  • A stop sign at Hector Avenue

“When the traffic calming measures are in place, the barriers will come down and the entire street will be two-way,” said mayor Jim Ryan.

Of these three measures, only the stop sign is enforceable. The combined effect of these measures is hoped to improve traffic conditions on the street.

The plan still needs to be approved by council, but if everything goes ahead then the new signage could be installed before the end of February.

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