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Trenton bins looking tidier

The Red Cross bins in downtown Trenton recently received a cleanup.
The Red Cross bins in downtown Trenton recently received a cleanup. - Sam Macdonald

Red Cross took quick action to clean up the accumulating items in front of donation bins

TRENTON - The growing jumble of miscellaneous items making an unsightly mess in front of the Canadian Red Cross bins has been cleaned up, and the area near Main Street in Trenton is now looking a whole lot more tidy.
Town councillor V.J. Earle was surprised and proud to discover what quick progress has been made on the matter of the unsightly state the bins had been in the previous day.
“There were people dumping stuff there that doesn’t belong there. Today, I drove by and it was all cleaned up by the Red Cross,” said Earle. “It’s really not their job to get rid of other people’s garbage. There are signs on the bin that say ‘clothes and shoes only.’ It’s no place to be dumping furniture.”
Earle stressed that people should know better than to leave items like furniture, and that the bins themselves are a great thing to have in the community.

“They are great people, using the donations to help other people. People should not be dumping stuff and taking advantage – it’s not a dumping station.”
Melanie MacDonald, a communications and public engagement spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross, said, “unfortunately, it does happen from time to time. I wouldn’t be able to say whether it happens a lot, specifically in Trenton.”

A representative from LML Trading, the company that owns the bins, was not available before the press deadline of The News.



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