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Trenton distiller named Local Spirits Partner of the Year


TRENTON – Pictou County’s Nova Scotia Spirit Company has been named the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation’s (NSLC) Local Spirits Partner of the Year.

The Trenton distillery was named recipient of the 2016 Partnership Award at the NSLC’s Industry Day held in Halifax Sept. 11.

“The Nova Scotia Spirit Company has a clear strategy,” said NSLC category manager Curtis MacKenzie. “And we have seen them diversify their portfolio to participate in all segments of our spirits business, from aged gins and rums to fruit-based liqueurs that use Nova Scotia blueberries.”

The Nova Scotia Spirit Company has grown its business 240 per cent since it opened in 2015, accounting for half of all local spirits sales.

The NSLC announced last month the sale of local spirits grew by 103 per cent in the first quarter of the 2017-2018 fiscal year to $1.2 million.

The company said that strong growth is due to the growing popularity of products like Nova Scotia Spirit Company’s Blue Lobster Vodka, Fisherman’s Helper Rum and Willing To Learn Gin.

Nova Scotia spirit sales now account for three per cent of all spirits sales at the NSLC.

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