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Trentonians miffed over people throwing furniture, other items in front of donation bins

Trenton councillor V.J. Earle stands in front of the Red Cross collection bins.
Trenton councillor V.J. Earle stands in front of the Red Cross collection bins. - Kevin Adshade

Over in Trenton, within plain view of Main Street, the trash is piling up.

For a town that has taken steps in recent years to improve the look of its main drag, it just wont do.

We cant have that on Main Street, Coun. V.J. Earle said at a council meeting on Tuesday, after the issue was raised by fellow councillor Don Hussher.

People are dumping furniture there.

According to Hussher, baby carriages, toys, lamps and furniture are some of the items being dropped off there.

And its not just in front of the Red Cross bins that are located on the piece of property belonging to the former owners of DSME; out behind the bins, where a deep gully is located, people are dumping trash there, too. Over the bank and out of mind.

There are mattresses, other pieces of furniture, and even black garbage bags that are full of we dont know what, Earle added.

The Red Cross does not want furniture and toys. People might be better off giving those things to The Salvation Army.

Both councillors said they have recently started hearing concerns from Steeltown residents about the unwanted items.

People are turning this into a dumping ground, Earle said Wednesday, as he took a brief tour of the area.

And we are not the only town with this problem. Somebodys going to have to pay to have this area cleaned up and haul everything away.

Red Cross officials pick up donated items twice each week. They ask that people who would like to contribute drop off nothing except clothing and shoes in decent condition.

New Glasgow Regional Police Services chief Eric MacNeil told council that once hes able to get a look at a town bylaw that would apply in this instance, with that, we would be able to do some enforcement.

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