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Trudeau’s staff check out offerings of local food truck

Not everyone can say the prime minister has eaten their food, but Jason Conway can.

Jason Conway stands outside his Fork in the Road mobile kitchen in New Glasgow. 

The New Glasgow chef was on site Tuesday with his food truck Fork in the Road as MP Sean Fraser welcomed Justin Trudeau to New Glasgow with a community barbecue at Glasgow Square.

Conway said Trudeau’s staff purchased one of everything he had available – a pulled pork mac and cheese wrap, a beef taco, a chicken burrito and a Turkish donair – with one of the items meant for the prime minister.

“It was great to be thought of…. We’re just pleased to be noticed,” he said.

He’s not sure whether Trudeau enjoyed it, but posted on Facebook that he hopes it was OK.

Conway said they also came back and ordered lunch for the pilots: more pulled pork mac and cheese wraps.

Hot dogs, sausages, and oysters were also on site; how many exactly is not clear, but Fraser said they ran out of everything.

They had upwards of 70 volunteers helping the event run smoothly. Fraser said they had an updated estimate from police of how many attended the event: up to 4,200 at times.

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