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Two seats contested, three school board members acclaimed

There were just two contested school board seats in the election over the weekend.

In District 14, which covers Stellarton and Westville and parts of the county, Ron Marks defeated Kevin Waller by 2094 votes to 1252.

In School Board District 11 Scott Adamson defeated incumbent Gordon Anderson with 1420 votes to 953. The area includes much of the municipality of Pictou County.

Other Pictou County school board members Anne Beaver (District 12) Vivian Farrell (District 13) and Marilyn Murray (District 15) were acclaimed.

Ron Marks said he’s thankful for the chance to be on the school board again.

He said he works hard for kids and will continue to do so.

During the campaign he said he had a chance to visit a lot of homes and one of the big issues he said he heard from people was about the need to address mental health.

“It’s very difficult right now because education and health don’t really talk well together.”

That’s something he’s hoping to work on addressing over the next four years.

He said he also would like to see a greater emphasis on cursive writing in the paper. He said it needs to be both taught and learned. For practical reasons he said that cursive is important for simple tasks like signing legal documents.

He said studies have also shown that cursive writing helps the brain develop.

“If you get your brain wired properly when you’re young it sticks with you,” he said.

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