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UARB will hear appeal over wind turbine bylaw amendment

Ward Brubacher stands by a neighbour’s house which has a large wind turbine located close by.
Ward Brubacher stands by a neighbour’s house which has a large wind turbine located close by. - FILE PHOTO

A Pictou County man upset that the Municipality of Pictou County didn’t listen to his request to create a bylaw for small-scale wind turbines will have his case heard by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

The UARB will hold a hearing on April 10 (continuing until April 11, if deemed necessary).

In June 2017, when Northumberland Wind Farms had announced their plan to install three turbines near his property, Ward Brubacher had proposed the municipality adopt a bylaw that’s used in other parts of the province to create a third classification called small-scale wind turbines.  

Antigonish and Colchester counties have these bylaws in place and they are meant to differentiate between small residential wind turbines and the larger wind turbines that fall under utility.

Other counties’ bylaws state the ceiling between domestic and utility be 100 kw. In Pictou County, that ceiling between domestic and utility is 200 kw.

He said at the time there should be a specified setback from the nearest residence as well.

Right now, the only restriction for domestic simply reads one times the height to the nearest boundary line.

Board hearings are open to the public. Those who wish to speak at the hearing, though, need to notify the board by Thursday, Feb. 14. Residents can also make written comments by sending a letter to the Clerk of the Board at P.O. Box 1692, Unit “M”, Halifax, N.S. B3J3S3, or by email at:, or by fax at (902) 424-3919 by Thursday, Feb. 21.

People can also request formal standing as an intervener, subject to board approval. An intervener is allowed to present evidence or cross-examine witnesses. Requests for this position must be received by the board by Jan. 28 and a copy of written evidence by Feb. 12.

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