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Uncle Leo’s wins brewery award

Uncle Leo’s has poured another winner. 

The Lyons Brook brewery received silver for their Altbier in the German Style Specialty Ales category at the second annual Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards on Sunday.

They won a gold medal in the same category for their Vohs Weizenbier, a German wheat beer, last year.

“It feels like an affirmation of what you’ve done,” Karl Whiffen said about the award, adding that the support they receive each day also gives them satisfaction. “Our customers that keep coming back are also very important to us.”

The competition, held in Halifax over the weekend, received over 200 entries from breweries across the region for 14 categories.

Uncle Leo’s entered five of their brews, coming away with awards in three categories. They received bronze for their Red Ale and their Smoked Porter, both of which have been on their menu since the beginning.

Their Red Ale has been a long-time winner for their customers.

“It’s a crowd favourite in northern Nova Scotia,” Whiffen said.

The Altbier is a new addition, only joining the line-up late this summer.

Whiffen describes it as a clean-tasting, copper-coloured beer using German noble hops.

While he doesn’t know just yet what made it stand out against the other entries, he knows he must’ve adhered to the guidelines with awards only handed out if the beer meets all the marks.



German Style Specialty Ales

Gold: Garrison Brewing - Rise 'n' Shine Hefeweizen

Silver: Uncle Leo's Brewing - Uncle Leo's Altbier

Bronze: Breton Brewing - Stirling Hefeweizen

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