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"We're tremendously proud" - Local Brits cheer on Royals

Host Sandy Guadagni serves a commemorative cake to guests at 135 Provost Street on May 19.
Host Sandy Guadagni serves a commemorative cake to guests at 135 Provost Street on May 19. - Fram Dinshaw

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot nearly 3,000 miles away in front of cheering crowds, New Glasgow’s resident Brits wept tears of happiness for their mother country.

Mark Nunn and his wife Alexandria joined millions of others in Canada and across the world who tuned in to watch the royal wedding live from Windsor Castle near London, many people on the West Coast waking up before sunrise to do so.

“We’re tremendously proud of them and very moved and so happy for them,” said Mark, who watched the ceremony with a group of people at 135 Provost Street downtown.

His wife Alexandria once lived near Windsor Castle, visiting its grounds many times as well as St. George’s Chapel where Harry and Meghan were wed.

She also praised the “progressive move,” of having American pastor Michael Currie – the first African American bishop of the Episcopal Church – preach about love and justice as he quoted Martin Luther King.

Markle herself is of part African American heritage and the ceremony included a traditional gospel choir and celebrities including TV host Oprah Winfrey and tennis supremo Serena Williams.

“It makes me feel very happy,” said Alexandria. “I felt a few tears at times seeing how moved Meghan and Harry were and others in the congregation. I think it really touched my heart.”

Markle, who is now Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, was born in Los Angeles and is a former Hollywood actress. She starred in shows including the TV series Suits.

Event host Sandy Guadagni, a local admirer of the British monarchy, praised the royals’ humanitarian work in areas such as mental health.

She also wanted Canadians to launch a similar initiative to royal-backed charity Heads Together that operates in the United Kingdom.

“We Canadians should be doing something and one area that’s really close to my heart is creative arts therapy,” said Guadagni.

This can include art, drama, music, cooking, writing, agriculture and horticulture, among other pursuits.

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