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Witness in Garnier murder trial describes sexual encounters with victim

The defence called its fourth and last witness in the trial of Christopher Garnier in Halifax Friday, a person who dated Catherine Campbell in 2015.

The witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said he had sex with Campbell twice in 2015 before her death on Sept. 12 of that year.

The witness said that he placed a hand on her neck in a caressing fashion, but she never asked to be punched, slapped or choked.

"We had sex, obviously," he said, adding that they were not in a serious relationship.

The pair of them also wrestled together after sex while partially clothed. Both the witness and Campbell led physically active lifestyles and wanted to test their strength against each other, the court heard.

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Defence lawyer Joel Pink, reading from a police interview transcript, said that Campbell was much rougher during their second sexual encounter.

But the witness clarified in court that his bruising at the time was a result of the sparring after sex, rather than the intercourse itself.

The court learned that Campbell was sober on both occasions she had sex with the witness.

The two exchanged text messages just hours before she disappeared on the early morning of Sept. 11.

When he learned that Campbell was missing, he contacted police to help them find her, not knowing that she was deceased at that point.

The Crown alleges that Garnier strangled Campbell in a McCully Street apartment and dumped her body underneath Halifax's Macdonald Bridge using a green bin in the early morning of Sept. 11, 2015.

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