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Anthony Bourdain fails to bag Newfoundland moose on trip for CNN show

Bourdain has been in Newfoundland and Labrador filming his CNN show “Parts Unknown,” which looks at lesser-known food traditions around the world.

The chef told a reporter for a local radio station that he tried the classic Newfoundland meal Jiggs' dinner — a boiled dinner usually made with salt beef and vegetables — and confirmed he went moose hunting in central Newfoundland.

Bourdain didn't get his moose, but says he was well-received on the island.

He posted a photo of himself to Twitter on Sept. 27, lounging in a plush armchair that was perched atop rocks by the seashore in front of a bearskin rug, with the caption: “Roughing it in Newfoundland.”

A video he posted to Instagram showed two wooden tables on a pebble beach, ladened with dishes below an antler chandelier, and meat roasting above a nearby fire.

The caption was, “Dinner last night” with the hashtag #Newfoundland.

Bourdain said he would return to Newfoundland and Labrador if the opportunity should arise again.

He says people can watch his reflections about the province on an upcoming edition of his show.

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