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Signage confusion for shore road toward Merigomish still unaddressed


A county councillor says a signage problem has not be been fixed in his district.

Coun. Don Butler told council a few months ago that since work is taking place on Exit 27 of the Trans-Canada Highway heading towards Antigonish, motorists will have to use exits 26 or 29 to reach the shore road.

He asked for more signage to be placed on the highway, particular at Exit 27, so motorists will know they can access the businesses on the shore road via Exit 29.

Nova Scotia Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines responded by saying additional signage was added before Exit 26 travelling eastbound and Exit 27 westbound.

“Regarding your concern of a motorist travelling east on Highway 104 and not observing the two information signs placed in advance of Exit 26 – the detour signage at Exit 27 will direct them back to Exit 26 along Highway 104 then onto Route 347 and Thorburn to access Route 245,” the minister said in a letter to council.

Butler said in his opinion it is easier for signs to be placed at Exit 27 directing motorists to Exit 29 rather than turning them back to Exit 26 for the detour.

“This is a sad fix to the problem,” he said.

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