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Stellarton looks at potential historical panel


The Town of Stellarton may soon be host to an interpretive panel on its historical role in the nation building of Canada.

At their Dec. 11 meeting, members of the Stellarton town council extended an invitation to historian John Ashton to visit a future council meeting, early in the coming year, to discuss the potential for Stellarton to host a historical panel.
The panel would focus on the legacy of George Grant, a nation builder and historical figure who was instrumental in Confederation – and a resident of Stellarton.
“It’s pretty interesting. John Ashton has done some research and learned a little bit about George Grant,” said Mayor Danny MacGillivray. “John is looking at doing an interpretive panel somewhere in Stellarton on George Grant’s contributions to Canada.
MacGillivray noted that doing so would require “some planning and dollars,” and suggested the matter be put into next year’s budget planning, and forwarded to the planning and advisory committee for that purpose.

Deputy Mayor Garry Pentz suggested that council arrange to meet with Ashton to get a clearer explanation of what Ashton wants to do.
Coun. Bryan Knight noted that he read some of the material Ashton created, and said, “there’s a lot of research in there. This small town has a lot of history packed into it, and something like this would be excellent.”

Ashton is a Pictou County historian and graphic artist, and is looking to do interpretive panels that showcase the history of Stellarton.


Planning and development


Stellarton’s planning and development will be handled by the man who responsible for those things in Trenton for the next little while.

At its Monday meeting, council approved Roland Burek, planning and development officer for the Town of Trenton, to serve as interim planning and development officer for the Town of Stellarton.

Burek will provide those services for Stellarton until a new officer for the town is hired.

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