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Woman’s sentencing delayed pending report

Court news
Court news

The sentencing of Rose Bethany Moore has been postponed until June 25, after a revelation in a pre-sentencing report.

At the June 21 sitting of the Pictou provincial court, Judge Del Atwood adjourned the sentencing relating to a number of charges against Moore.
Moore was charged with, and has pleaded guilty to, possession of a knife for the purpose of committing an aggravated assault, breach of undertaking and impaired driving – all charges stemming from two incidents in January and February.
The Crown informed Judge Atwood that Moore is of Aboriginal descent, and because of that, “Gladue factors should be explored.”
The Crown recommended a Gladue Report be either carried out, or incorporated into Moore’s pre-sentencing report, taking into account her Aboriginal background, and the circumstances she faces on account of her background.

Judge Atwood acknowledged that there is an obligation on the part of the court to consider those factors, and decided to adjourn the case until later in the month so that the Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network (MSLN) be consulted about incorporating information in the context of a Gladue-report into the pre-sentencing report.

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