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We have lots of time again

The mask moulded for Kathy Golemiec for her recent radiation to treat a brain tumour.
The mask moulded for Kathy Golemiec for her recent radiation to treat a brain tumour. - Adam MacInnis


How was your week with the warm and cold weather? Mine was just like every other week with dilemma after dilemma. I went to Halifax on Friday and everything went fine there. I stayed at Janet and dad’s place on Thursday night so we would be an hour closer to Halifax.

Dad and Janet came over to help me with the flea market. Halfway through dad didnt look good so I asked him if he was OK. He said he was having a hard time breathing and chest pains so I told him to get his coat on, he was going to the hospital. They took him in straightaway and we were in the new emergency department and it is beautiful. They did every test they could for his heart. Dad had open-heart surgery years ago and he has mild heart problems at different times.

They did X-rays on his lungs to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. Nope, everything was clear there. He did have an infection so they gave him an antibiotic and he is feeling better now. Woohoo. I told him any time that happens or if he’s not feeling well to tell me. He said he didn’t want to bother me. That’s not a bother. That is my father and I can’t imagine life without him. I told him to tell us right away if it ever happens again.

On the way home from the hospital, we almost both landed back at the hospital when a large deer near the Tim Hortons in Westville jumped out in front of us. We could have touched him, he was that close.

Ha… dad said he was going to look for fur on his car the deer was that close. Someone was taking care of us that day.

Today is my brother Kevin’s birthday. Have a great day Kevin. Happy birthday. Love you.

Pain wise – level 6.

Weight wise – 144.2. Oops, here I go again, but I will be off the steroids this week.

I went to see my oncologist Monday and he told me that when he saw me a month ago, he only gave me two months to live, but now with the brain tumour hopefully all gone, he said I am back.

He was so happy, he said we have lots of time again and he told the nurses, “she’s back.” I have five new cancer spots: two spine disks, hip has increased a lot and two ribs which might sound dumb but I am happy it’s in my ribs and not my lungs. I was having pain in what I thought was my lungs but it was my ribs. Woohoo, and I have a larger spot on my liver.

So I will be getting a heart scan Friday and if everything is fine, I will be starting my chemo drugs next week. So I need your fingers crossed and toes crossed and lots of prayers that my heart is strong enough to start chemo. I can’t wait to start it so I can start the stronger fight. I am getting around pretty good and my legs are a little strong.

I have to get a cortisone shot next week. Looking forward too that because it really takes the pain away.

I went to the healing touch last night with Vicky and Carol and the treatment I got was unreal. What a difference and it felt great. Cookie and Patricia did my treatment and the other girls said their treatment went well.

When I went to Truro this week, I went to Granny thrift shop in Bible Hill and I found sound great stuff here. I went to the Farmers Market this week in New Glasgow and the stuff is beautiful. If you get there, check out Lee’s Jewelry because she does the tree of life and she wraps all of their stones and puts the tree of life on other things. It’s beautiful. My other friend Ken makes leather goods and he also repairs leather goods. I brought a pair of handmade mittens made from recycled wool and new fleece.

Thank you for all the cards and gifts. I really appreciate them. They sure help. Mary and I went to the lunch after my doctor’s appointment. Thank you Mary. It was great.

Well have a good week folks. There were mosquitoes out the other day.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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