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EDITORIAL: A goal that’s within reach

The making of resolutions around this time of year – shortly followed by breaking – has such an illustrious track record that the backsliding scarcely raises an eyebrow.

But its still worth the old college try, just like anything thats a good goal but involves a bit of a challenge.

So heres a suggestion thats within reach for the average person: why not consider giving blood – if youre not already a regular donor? There just happens to be, handily, a couple of clinics coming up next week in Pictou County to help you get started on just such a resolution.

Sure, there are other things a person could try that theyve never done before but have always had the hankering, something that takes resolve and carries a reward.

For example, theres always participation in the annual polar bear swim on New Years Day at Melmerby Beach. It sounds daunting, although those who have taken part in other years make it sound, at the very least, doable. The air is colder than the water, so apparently when you run in and dunk yourself the wet stuff feels warmish. Its the coming out part, back into the air, thats cold.

That sounds good in theory. But, as Homer Simpson would have it, even communism works in theory.

Back to giving blood as a great goal for the New Year.

There are clinics scheduled for three days, Jan. 2-4: at the Pictou Armouries on Tuesday, 5-8 p.m., and at Summer Street Industries in New Glasgow on Wednesday and Thursday, noon-3 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.

As usual, theres a critical need and Canadian Blood Services is making an appeal to Nova Scotians to help them reach their goal. Its as easy as calling to make an appointment, 1-888-236-6283.

Pictou County has been noted as an area with good turnout at clinics. But this is a program that needs to keep looking ahead – as in regular donors into the future.

A lot of those who roll up their sleeves are indeed regulars, giving for many years. The hope is to get younger people into the mindset of making this a part of their routine when clinics roll into town every couple of months or so.

And actually, local clinics often see a group of high school students who make it in. Its a happy, optimistic sight – and kudos to the schools and teachers who help make it happen. If a good portion of those young people become lifelong donors, things are looking up.

For some people, theyve thought about it, but havent got around to making the visit. Some have in the past, but perhaps havent lately.

Its a short, easy experience for the majority. And Canadian Blood Services has made strides recently to streamline, making movement of donors through the process smoother and quicker. And, worth mentioning, there are cookies and juice at the end.

The real reward, though, is the thought that a bit of time, and the pint of blood you give, will serve someones health needs, perhaps help to save a life.

It kind of gives you a warm feeling. A lot warmer than, well, see above.

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