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EDITORIAL: No entertainment value in this

You have to wonder what motivates a person to destroy something that brings joy to others. Are there people out there just so miserable that they cant stand to see people having fun?

We see instances of senseless destruction, vandalism, or hideous graffiti from time to time in our communities. The latest example in the area that has people sadly shaking their heads is the burning of a giant teddy bear made of hay bales in Masstown.

This was really a rustic work of art, at Blakes Pumpkin Jungle, set up in a field and a popular visiting spot for people who would take family photos with the teddy bear as a backdrop. It was made using large round bales stacked for the body trunk, another on top set horizontally for the head, two more horizontal as legs to present a teddy bear sitting down, then smaller bales attached to form the ears, snout and arms. Some dark colouring made up the look of paws and facial features.

But after a sick incident Monday night, what remains is a charred pile.

Blake Jennings, who operates the Pumpkin Jungle, told the Truro Daily News that he could see marks in the surrounding grass where someone had apparently used a flammable liquid and made a trail away from the hay model to enable the torching. He also said there were four-wheeler tracks in the field.

This doesnt appear to be some spur of the moment nasty act. Whoever is responsible dedicated a fair bit of premeditation.

Building the teddy bear took a days work and $200 worth of hay.

Not surprisingly, the owner is hearing a lot of people are upset – as the majority would be, whether theyd had a fun visit there or if they heard about this incident on the other side of the world.

But it always seems communities have somewhere in their midst individuals who will go out of their way to spoil things for others, for no particular reason other than just being spoilsports.

In Pictou County weve had a couple of such incidents in recent months. There was the smashing of the downtown piano in New Glasgow; not long after, someone wrecked a bunch of birdhouses created by some local children. Last summer, vandals spray-painted graffiti on a trailer used in the Johnny Miles Running event.

Whats the point? What on earth is the entertainment value?

People the world over learn and for the most part comprehend, all ages, from young children on up, a sense of common decency and mutual respect – for others and their property. The lesson is passed along through what parents teach their children, from teachers in school. Its reinforced by peer pressure.

For those responsible, if you dont believe this, heres a testing point: If youre proud of your action, think its funny, or somehow feel justified, then reveal yourself, and tell us all about your reasons.

Didnt think so.

That leaves it up to the majority, through their reactions and condemnation of these deeds, to somehow get across the idea that these things are hurtful and no one finds them the least bit amusing.

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