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The kind of positive news we all like

It’s amazing how much a good-news business story for Pictou County grabs hold of the public’s attention. It’s especially happy stuff when we too often find ourselves bracing for bad news, remembering the most recent closures, or an operation forced to scale back.

But we had a couple of such announcements this week, starting with the news from Sobeys that the company would be expanding the Aberdeen location. When completed, this ‘Sobeys Extra’ – with 10,000 square feet of increased area – will feature extra departments, products and services, including various in-store experts. Some of those mentioned in a media release were chefs, a well-being counsellor and a cheese ambassador.

With the company’s origins and strong presence in the area, this new entity perhaps takes on even more significance for some residents.

Also announced this week is a coming makeover for the East River Road Tim Hortons. This will mean an entirely new building with a more modern design.

Think of newspapers as purveyors of doom and gloom all you want, but we’re well aware of how much more readers perk up and give these kinds of stories a thorough going-over.

And well they should. It’s always great to know something new, bigger and better is coming to your home area. More than that, it’s extremely satisfying and encouraging to see the companies show confidence and invest in your area.

What’s also amazing, though – and this in a very peculiar way – is that these same stories will also elicit the occasional negative comment. Some are starkly irrational, such as the fear of higher prices. Some are personal preferences: people who aren’t bowled over by the idea of a bigger store with more to offer, and who would rather stick to the smaller outlets.

And that’s fine, you go where you want to go.

But when it comes to the local retail scene, any new additions or expansions to offer more selection are most welcome. We’ve seen struggles in recent years locally in that sector, and one factor often cited is that too many people decide to take their shopping excursion elsewhere. Any new attraction is one more reason to shop at home.

This is positive news, let’s hope it brings a more positive mood.

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