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LETTER: Immigration numbers can’t be sustained

I am shocked and disappointed with our governments plan to take in 340,000 immigrants next year, and a total of up to one million within four years.

Does the Liberal government know what they are doing? Do they know what is happening in the world? We just dont have the jobs here or anywhere in the world anymore. With robots, driverless cars, trucks and taxis, automation is here to stay. Manufacturing plants are being automated with robots.

Britains prime minister has advised the United Nations that West Africans are on the move looking for jobs that dont exist. She wants to see the world make settlements in Africa and set up funding there to boost economic development and jobs.

Africa is one of the richest undeveloped countries in the world. She said the world must make a stand for Africa and do what it can, but the rest of the world cannot take those massive numbers.

I would like to see our immigration minister replaced, as it is obvious he and the entire department need a strong leader.

What has happened to our borders? Ship captains, bus and taxi operators take people here and drop them off under full view and arent being prosecuted and put in jail.

They tell us we will need new immigrants to pay for us. Lets look at Norway. They took control of their natural resources where we gave ours away. The Liberals and Conservatives, the two parties that have ruled since 1867, were responsible. Norway said their oil belonged to the people of Norway and would not accept low oil prices. Norway now has a fund for their eight million citizens of more than one trillion dollars for pensions, etc., and the fund keeps growing.

Canadians are getting close to a trillion dollar debt and going in that direction with the speed of lightning. Spending like a drunken sailor. Immigration spending certainly appears to be out of control.

I am sorry the Conservative party said nothing about the new immigration numbers. Maybe the problem will never be addressed. Our poverty rates of First Nations, African Canadians and new Arab citizens are shocking. Should we not be helping our own poor people first? We should hang our heads in shame.

Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow

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