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Kudos to all who helped with games

To the editor:

Last week I had the privilege of accompanying many Ontario athletes, as a swim coach, to the Special Olympics National Summer Games in Antigonish.

Well none of us were disappointed!

The organization, the hospitality and the volunteers were outstanding. These events are no small venture, so I applaud the organizing team and the town of Antigonish for assuming such an enormous task!

We recently hosted the Ford World Women’s Curling Championships last March in North Bay, Ont., so I am appreciative of the hours of dedication, planning and preparation needed to run the Games.

Many, many thanks to everyone for welcoming the rest of Canada into your beautiful town. We were treated very well by all and celebrated the attention from local residents and motorists passing by.

One athlete commented, “I feel like a celebrity!” I think he speaks for all of us!

Thank you Antigonish... you were amazing!

Patti Callahan,

Team Ontario Coach

North Bay, Ont.

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