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LETTER: So many drivers don’t follow rules

I sometimes sit and wonder will I ever see the time or day when the drivers will drive safely and obey the rules of the road. For stop signs mean nothing to most drivers of today and the white line at stop signs are just a joke to them, for no one stops there.

While driving on the 104 or 102 highway with my cruise set at 110 it is like I am parked – car and trucks go by me at a high speed. And drivers pay no attention to flashing lights whatsoever where men are working by the side of the highway.

The parking in and around the school on Albert Street in New Glasgow is still a joke for when parents are picking up children or dropping them off they are still stopping in the middle of the street or parking in a no parking zone under a sign that reads no parking from here to corner.

So what is the answer to all this bad driving? There are ads on TV and in newspapers telling drivers to slow down and obey the rules. It gives our police service a headache trying to enforce the rules of the roads – is a very big job. Maybe the time has come to put the name of everyone given a ticket in the papers and have them take a retraining program. There is far too many traffic laws broken and accidents due to high speeding and DUIs. Don’t you think it is time it comes to an end?

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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