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LETTER: Action needed as ISIS fighters allowed re-entry

To Canada’s Honourable Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, Central Nova MP Sean Fraser, Rt. Hon. PM Justin Trudeau, Honourable Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, Honourable Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Honourable NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

As a Canadian Citizen, and on behalf of all Canadians, I would like answer to the following questions by yourself as Public Safety Minister: I was shocked that Canada would not revoke the citizenship of those 60 ISIS fighters who fought against Canadians and citizens of the world who value respect of human life, as did the U.K. and Holland, the U.S. and numerous other countries.

With the transparency that should be part of any government – and the Liberal government professes and adheres to this motto – the questions are:

1. Who are the 60 ISIS fighters now living in Canada?

2. What are the civic addresses of the 60 ISIS fighters now in Canada?

3. Is the surveillance based on a 24/7 for each of the 60 ISIS fighters, and do CSIS and the RCMP have the manpower available to do such a costly and intensive surveillance, with the realization that two of the ISIS fighters have cases before the courts on charges laid?

4.Why upon re-entry in Canada were charges not laid against each of the ISIS fighters for defecting to join ISIS in the first place as this was acknowledged and/or discovered by the Liberal Government? Surely just the fact of defecting to join ISIS and fighting against Canadians should be a justifiable charge against each of the 60 defectors notwithstanding any other argument, as with the U.K., Holland, the U.S.A. and many other countries of the free world.

5. What plans are in place by Canada’s public safety minister to reintegrate these 60 defectors to ISIS into Canadian society?

I am seriously disappointed to learn about the re-entry of 60 Canadians joined the cause as “defectors to the ISIS cause of killing and devaluing life” including that of vulnerable women and children. As the Canadian government claims to promote and value the rights of women and children in our free society and to protect the vulnerable, these are my strong concerns as a citizen of Canada!

Thank you in advance for your timely response to my concerns and those of many Canadians as well!

Victoria Ellen Courtemanche-Oliver


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