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LETTER: All athletes deserve applause for their efforts

To the editor,

Pictou County sports fans were treated to an excellent evening of action Saturday at Boxing Night in Canada at the Wellness Centre. This was the second event presented by local boxing favourite Brody Blair, and hopefully we’ll see more in the future.

In addition to the five matches, there were all kinds of door prizes, musical entertainment during intermission, and some lucky person was the winner of a pretty substantial 50/50 draw.

I was a little disappointed, however, by the reaction of some of the crowd who began to boo Brody’s opponent, who indicated just before round three that he was throwing in the towel. It was likely a relatively small number, but it was more than just a murmur. No doubt his opponent felt the effects as Brody dominated, particularly in the second round. I was thrilled to get to see the skill and strength of this local athlete, even for two rounds.

I can only imagine how that long, steady “boo” felt to his opponent, a boxer from Mexico visiting Pictou County for this event. You know, sometimes a boxing match only lasts two rounds – sometimes even less. That’s the way it goes. Why not, instead of booing, just celebrate yet another win by a hometown hero?

Athletes in many sports typically congratulate each other after competition for their efforts – they high-five, they hug, they shake hands, they pat each other on the backs. Audience members would do well to take note of that vital spirit of the game.

Alan Elliott,


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