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LETTER: Bear killed by vehicle deserved better

Black bears are being frequently seen around the county as they emerge from their long winter sleep. The Department of Natural Resources is urging people to use common sense when discarding their compost and garbage so black bears are not attracted to their properties.
Black bear. – FILE for illustration purposes only.

Sometime on the evening of Thursday, May 23, less than one kilometre east of the Elmfield road on route 256, a large black bear was struck and killed by a large vehicle travelling west at a high rate of speed. 
To the person or persons responsible for this act, I have two questions. Why did you leave it blocking a good portion of the west bound lane and why were you travelling at such a high rate of speed? 
This not only endangered the lives of those travelling behind you but was also a huge disrespect to the beauty and fullness of this being. It deserved better. 
Billy MacDonald

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