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LETTER: Bold ideas sounded a little old

I just read Tim Houston's letter, A Bold Approach to Health Care in today's News (June 11 edition). Actually I read it three times as I thought I was missing something, but no, I wasn't.

I will quote verbatim, some of his "bold" ideas:

"We need to raise the standard";

"It's time to call in a quarterback to co-ordinate";

"It's time to stop the cloak and dagger approach";

"I want to bring government closer to the people";

“I believe in establishing a standing committee";

"Decisions can no longer be forced from the top-down";

And he finished with a touching, inspirational message, "Don't ever believe we can't do better."

These platitudes are a bit old but not very bold. He had less content than Doug Ford's platform.

I guess the real meat and potatoes or bold was his idea to have a whole new government department and ministry. That really threw me as I thought Progressive Conservatives were smaller-government folks and I thought we were short doctors not bureaucrats.

If anyone wants to see Stephen McNeil gone it's me, but hey, help me out here a little bit.

Ron MacCarthy


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