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Letter: Business problems at Maritime steel not town’s fault


To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor Mr. Paul Taylor quotes Ronald Reagan and he suggests that he was arguably the president of one of the greatest periods of economic growth. I guess we should forget about the Iran-Contra affair, the US sold weapons to Iran and using the profits of those sales to fund Contra rebels trying to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, all without public knowledge. What does Mayor Barrie MacMillan and Ronald Reagan have in common? They simply want to see prosperity for everyone. Mayor MacMillan, council and staff hoped for a well thought out process when Maritime Steel was for sale. If we as a council of a small town could sway government money lenders thinking on who should or should not receive loans, we would be the most influential council in the province or maybe even the nation. That is now how the system works nor how it should work.

Mr. Jafarnia is a respected engineer in his field. He and his family are people any community would welcome. He and his wife and children are part of the multi cultural association here in the county and are well respected there and in Pictou County in general. I understand his feelings that he is not being treated fairly. He is not the first business owner to have these problems. It is not the fault of the Town of New Glasgow that the provincial governments of the day requested information and paper work that is always required in order for them to loan money to any individual, no matter who they are.

We live in a province with a population smaller than a mid sized city. All jobs are important to us. We respect the people who worked at Maritime Steel and we also must have respect for the citizens who live around the plant as well as people with breathing problems. The fumes of the castings could be tasted in the air around us. It is another form of pollution no different than our Mi’kmaq community’s recent protest of ongoing pollution. Instead of calling down public officials, who Mr. Taylor doesn’t even know well enough to say hello to, why not focus your attention on how you as an individual and this applies to all of us, can be a more productive citizen and use your ideas to promote a better way of life for everyone.


Respectfully submitted,

Jack Lewis, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ward Two

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