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LETTER: Community helped in a big way

On Jan. 14, this community came together in a very big way. Glasgow Square and Wrangler's Bar & Grill were filled with people and music all in support of the benefit for Carlton Munroe.

The Big Bash For Carlton exceeded our wildest expectations, raising more than $64,000 for the Munroes.

The Big Bash For Carlton exceeded our wildest expectations, raising more than $64,000 for the Munroes.

Thank you just doesn't express all that we're feeling. We're really in awe of the depths of your caring and generosity. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event – you came with your hearts open and it was palpable in the room. Thank you to those who couldn't make it but still sent donations.

Thank you to the 125 artists who took to the stage and the many others who reached out. We wish there were more hours in the day to accommodate everyone who wanted to perform. Thank you also for the personal stories you shared of the way Carlton had helped or encouraged you and how you wanted to do the same for him. 

The same goes for the 137 volunteers who helped and the dozens more who offered.

Thank you to the 180 individuals and businesses who donated items to the silent auction. The auction was massive and a key part of the event's incredible success.

Thank you to the businesses that supplied everything we needed: Acropole Pizza, Advocate Printing & Publishing, Big 8, Final Touch Party Rentals, Godin Guitars, H&R Music, Holiday Inns & Suites, Mack Mariplex, Nova Scotia Spirit Company, Rocklin Parties, Sobeys, Subway, Tim Hortons, TRA, Town of New Glasgow, Travelodge, WearWell Garments, Wrangler’s Bar & Grill, UPS, and Xerox.

In truth, this was one of the easiest events to organize. Everything came to us, we didn't have to chase a thing or ask more than once. And there is one very good reason for that: Carlton Munroe. The success of the day is a testament to who Carlton is and the life he is living. 

So, from all of us on Carlton's Crew, thank you. This community consistently punches above its weight class. Because of you, the Munroes can focus on what matters most – Carlton's treatment, care, and wellbeing. Your support means so much to us and to one very special family.

Michelle Ferris

On behalf of Carlton's Crew: Allan Bezanson, Arnold Charron, Karen Corbin Hughes, Marcus Cosh, Jason Eastman, Paula Irving, Lisa James, Jim Kostuk, Janine Linthorne, Shannon MacLean, Norman MacLeod, Allayna Munroe, Michael Vienneau, and Steven Wark.

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